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Solution Manager

Knowledge on overall system with good understanding on L1, L2, L3 Feature and Protocol
System dimensioning and features related to 3GPP Rel 15 and 16
Knowledge on 3GPP Specifications on 36,37,38 series
Understanding 5G 3GPP requirements (MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC) and convert into 5G NR feature requirement specifications
Exposure on ORAN working Groups and specifications

4G(LTE)/5G RAN Solutions
Understanding 5G NR feature requirements and convert into design documents
Good understanding on internal and external interfaces and detailed functional description of the overall solution
Good understanding features associated with 5G like Beamforming, Massive mimo, Mobility, Scheduling, Power control and Channels

Integration Engineer

BE/ B.Tech/ M.Tech/ MSc/ MCA. 

Should have over 5 years of experience in software project/product integration and atleast 2 years experience in software integration of biometric software projects (covering at least one of the modalities – Face, Finger, Iris). 

Should have worked as Lead Integration engineer for at least 2 years for a biometric software projects of gallery of 2 million of unique records

 ( Should have knowledge of Linux, middleware, high performance messaging, Java/J2EE, C, ISO standards for biometrics and other technologies needed for server integration or should have thorough knowledge of Windows, .NET, C#, C, biometric device protocols and formats.