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Identity Access Management (IAM)

IAM (identity and access management) solutions aid in the secure management of users’ digital identities. Identification, authentication, and authorisation are the three main components of IAM. IT administrators can track privileged access abuse by restricting access to business-critical resources and maintaining data security.

We can ensure that you get the most out of your CyberArk solutions thanks to our decades of experience in IT management and support, as well as supporting integrations into customer environments.

IAM solutions safeguard an organisation against security problems by adjusting system parameters to identify unusual activity that might otherwise go unreported. These IAM security elements aid in the creation of a secure infrastructure.

By successfully managing digital identities, you may cut costs while maintaining appropriate system access to your most important data and resources.

Business analytical capabilities and technical experience are required to identify and manage the correct combination of IAM technologies for an organisation. EuroNet Solutions is an IAM expert, and we provide a comprehensive managed Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for on-premise and cloud environments to our customers.